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YZJ slitting machine series: YZJ502 slitting machine,YZJ hot slitting machine, YZJ cold slitting machine、YZJ Lining and splitting rewinder, YZJ winding machine

YZJ502 slitting machine
  Working width 1300mm
Slitting width 40mm-1300mm
Inner diameter of paper core ¢76mm
Max. unwinding diameter


Power 3-phase 380V 50HZ
Application field: Applicable to splitting of kraft and release paper
Features:  1. Centralized panel operation and integrated circuit control. Operations on different parts of the machine are controlled through the panel   2. Main functions of panel: A. Adjustment on speed of main shaft B. Setting of rewinding length C. Adjustment on unwinding tension D. Setting of winding tension E. Start and stop buttons  3. The cutting blade consists of upper and lower circular slitting knives. The lower blade can be replaced according to different cutting width, and the cutting width can be adjusted to achieve the high quality cutting effect


YZJ hot slitting machine YZJ cold slitting machine


YZJ Lining and splitting rewinder YZJ winding machine
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